︎GOMES MARINE ︎GRAPHIC DESIGN                                        

︎ Hi, my name is Marine and I've just finished my Master in Art Direction and Graphic Design at ECV (School of visual communication).
I'm looking for a permanent or fixed-term contract in art direction.

︎ I'm interested in strong visual identities, publishing, UX design and also packaging design, so I like to try my hand at everything and learn something new every day. I'm open-minded enough to work with all types of software, but also to teamwork where communication is paramount.

︎ Creativity and precision go hand in hand when it comes to bringing projects with strong concepts to fruition, and I'm only too happy to play my part.

  ︎ ART DIRECTION DEGREE                 2018-2023
  ︎ INTERSHIP SAATCHI & SAATCHI         APR.2022 - SEPT.2022

  ︎ INTERSHIP BONTÉ DIVINE               JUN.2021 - SEPT.2021

  ︎ SALES CONSULTANT                  
  JUN.2018 - SEPT.2018